About ShootRite Training LLC

For over 9 years, ShootRite Training LLC has helped countless clients obtain the training and firearms they need to feel safe and protected. Notably, Dave Nicioli, our company’s founder and firearms safety advocate, has over 40 years of experience shooting and handling weapons, both professionally and as a recreational marksman. Dave is a U.S. Military veteran and received high level weapons instruction in the army infantry. Later, he worked as an aircraft weapons specialist in charge of storing, servicing, inspecting and handling of all types of weapons and ammunition carried on Navy aircraft.

Carry and Conceal Classes and License

If you’re looking for carry and conceal classes and licenses in Illinois, look no further than the ones we offer. Dave has built his reputation as a premier instructor who provides his clients with the attitude, skills, knowledge and confidence they need to properly use and handle firearms. Thanks to the training you receive, you will be able to protect yourself and your family should the need present itself. It’s reassuring to know that if something goes awry, you have the training and equipment needed to protect everything that’s important to you.

Dave trains and teaches all types of firearm users, from novices to seasoned shooters. He helps you become a safer and more responsible firearm owner. Like most things in life, firearms proficiency is achieved through training and practice repetitions. Here is what Dave says about his classes in his own words: “As a certified Illinois Firearms Instructor, my goal is to help students not only improve their shooting, but to safely and responsibly handle their firearms.”

During these uncertain times, more and more people are wanting to know they’re protected. The first step towards doing that is to sign up for conceal carry firearms training classes. We can also help you find the right gun for you if you need assistance. For more information, contact us today.