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Illinois & Florida Concealed Carry Classes

The Illinois Concealed Carry Classes that we provide are taught by Illinois State Police approved instructors. The training courses meets all Illinois State training requirements. When students complete 16 hours of training, the State of Illinois Training Certificate will be awarded.

We have lowered our prices to $175 for the 16 hour IL CCL, this includes the range fee which is done at GAT GUNS in East Dundee.
Classes have been filling up fast since then.

Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. We can legally transfer your gun sales from internet sites.

8 Approved Credit Hours

  • NRA Basic Pistol Course
  • Military Honorable Discharge-DD214
  • NRA Personal Protection Inside The Home
  • NRA Personal Protection Outside The Home

4 Approved Credit Hours

  • Illinois Hunter Safety Course
  • Utah CFP Permit
  • Florida CCW Permit
  • Nevada CCW Permit
  • Missouri CCW Permit
  • Kentucky CCW Permit
  • Michigan CPL
  • Chicago Firearms Safety Course

CCW Permit Specifics

The Illinois Firearms Permit/License allows the holder to carry concealed firearms in 27 states. When combined with the non-resident Florida CCW Permit, you will able to legally carry concealed firearms in 36 states. This can change regularly. It is up to each student to check with each State to keep informed.

The Benefits of Signing Up for a Concealed Carry Class

Undoubtedly, the world we live in is likely much different than the one you grew up in. Today, thanks to all sorts of issues such as the defunding of the police, violent protests and maniacs causing issues in public, people want to feel like they have some semblance of control over a situation if something goes awry. By taking the step of signing up for a concealed carry class, you are doing just that.

There are many reasons to consider signing up for concealed carry class, but the most notable one is also the most obvious one: it provides a level of protection for you and your family. Being able to legally carry a concealed firearm ensures you can protect yourself and your family from harm. However, just because you can carry a firearm doesn’t mean you’re ready to act if something should happen. Fortunately, taking a concealed carry class provides students with the attitude, skills, knowledge and confidence you need to use your firearm should a situation present itself. More than just the knowledge and permit gained, you’ll also be provided with peace of mind that comes from knowing you have control over your safety and the safety of loved ones.

We have over 9 years of experience providing training concealed carry permits. What’s more, if our customers need help finding the right firearms for their needs, we are more than happy to help.

If you have questions about the FFL classes and FFL transfer concealed carry classes we offer, contact us at your convenience.